sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2008

BNP alcança 18 % em eleição local britânica 

The British National Party scored another impressive result in a new area last night. The BNP candidate, Worcestershire group organiser Lee Hancock, took 18.5% of the vote in the by-election for the Evesham South parish council.
The area is a traditional Tory stronghold and the other opponent, an independent, was the former mayor of Evesham. Lee was very pleased with the result. “To score such a percentage in an up-market area is a good result. It goes to prove that the BNP are continuing to make headway in areas usually considered to be safe Conservative wards.”
Activists from all over the West Midlands helped with the campaign and the result was the continuation of previous impressive results for the BNP in Worcestershire. In the May elections last year, the BNP polled 21% in the Gorse Hill ward and 15% in Nunnery.
The BNP had never contested a seat in Evesham before so the result, combined with the results from last year, stand the BNP in good stead in Worcestershire for next year’s County Council elections.

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